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Posted: 01-10-20 9:15 am
by yanis0047
Hi and thanks for accepting me in the forum, i am here to see if there is any chance to see synthesia on iphone?
I tryed synthesia on android to change my mind from sheet music and imidatly like the way it worked but now i switched to an iphone and i found that synthesia is only on ipad, i know it is not an easy work but i am sur i am not the only one looking for that it will be a new litle market for the software.

Posted: 01-10-20 11:08 am
by Nicholas
Synthesia for Android phones is kind of an accident. They don't make as strong a distinction between "tablet-sized screens" and "phone-sized screens" as Apple does. So when we released it in 2014 and said "only allow it on tablet-sized screens" there were some tablets that were excluded and some phones that weren't! :lol: So we just gave up and said "fine, let it run on anything!" Since then the lines have gotten even blurrier as "tablets" have continued to get smaller and "phones" have continued to get larger.

That said, on phone-sized screens its still an awful experience. There are some menus with controls that don't fit. There are some icons that you can't reach. The keyboard display fills nearly the whole screen. Everything is pretty bad.

Now that full-screen sheet music is mostly in (with some rough edges), you could make a pretty strong argument for portrait orientation support in the app. That would allow more sheet music lines on the screen and make the keyboard take up less space. It would even work pretty well for the falling notes. That's the first thing that needs to be tackled. It would require some of the same effort of making menus work with less room in certain directions as the phone release would.

Once that's complete, a phone standing up (instead of on its side) would make a lot more sense and I'll take another look to see if it makes sense.

Posted: 09-23-20 4:04 am
by stepir
Hi Nicholas - wanted to add a +1 for an iPhone version. While I agree it's not practical for a day by day use - I'd love the chance to have at least the falling notes with me handy. I'm in my early days of learning playing piano and still struggling in remembering the songs I normally practice at home. Having the falling notes on my phone (even without any connection with the piano I'm playing) would be very helpful to practice out of home.


Posted: 09-24-23 10:24 am
by exoticpianoman
Hi Nicholas,
I also want to ask if it's possible to make an IOS built the same way for Android phones. I've been using it for years on android and computer (and my subscribers are very happy with Synthesia videos). Since a couple of days I am in the possesion of an IPhone and for my own practice goals I would like to practice with the native app. To my surprise there only is a Tablet built.

I'm sure lots of people would buy the official native IOS version if there would be an official port. You don't have developers helping you maybe?

Posted: 12-04-23 3:18 pm
by exoticpianoman

Would it be super difficult or time intensive?

Posted: 12-05-23 3:15 pm
by Nicholas
I would say more time intensive than difficult. There's a lot of preening that should have been done back when the Android version came out and was allowed to run on smaller screens. I wouldn't put that effort off again for an iPhone version. Today, the "solution" is just to shrink the UI in the Android version until it mostly fits on the screen, which makes it feel awful to try and navigate around in: super tiny buttons and things still falling off the edges.

I go back and forth on whether Synthesia on a phone-sized screen at arm's length on a piano's music stand is even something useful, but having seen the latest "Pro Max" model of iPhone, it's really not that far off from an iPad Mini's screen size.