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Posted: 04-26-17 8:36 am
by kiwi
Up the skins works with the new build ;)

Posted: 12-01-17 4:40 am
by kiwi
Up skins working with the new 10.4 version.

Posted: 03-04-19 8:28 am
by kiwi
Works with the 10.5 version!

Posted: 03-14-23 3:56 pm
If you do other skins?
I will like one with 3D graphics :lol: .

Posted: 03-14-23 5:20 pm
Look, I tried it on Windows.
Also, I added a few themes.

Posted: 03-14-23 6:57 pm
by kiwi
Nice work
I'll check i think i have updated it...