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Posted: 03-26-23 2:54 pm
by pippin
Hi there,

I am unable to get a yamaha cp4 piano to show up as a list of music device on synthesia using a Nexus 7 tablet, and a usb to host b. I've downloaded a driver to update the keyboard and am using this cable: ... ct_details

When I plug the keyboard in, it does recognize the keyboard, but does not show up as a list of device. Is there something else I can try?


Posted: 03-28-23 12:16 pm
by Nicholas
When you say it recognizes the keyboard when you plug it in, what do you mean? Is there a message or some other indication? How do you know it recognizes it?

Otherwise, on the Settings screen inside Synthesia, which option do you have selected for "Music Device Connection Method" at the top of the screen? If you try switching it to the other one, swiping the app closed, and restarting it, does that get your keyboard to show up in the list?

Posted: 04-03-23 7:06 pm
by pippin
When I plug the cp4 into nexus 7 and turn on the keyboard, the message "Allow Synthesia to access Yamaha Cp4 Stage?" appears. I click on the "yes" option. But there is no new music input option to switch from a touch screen keyboard to something else.

Posted: 04-03-23 11:33 pm
by Nicholas
Getting that prompt means you're using Synthesia's own USB driver. If you switch over to Android M MIDI (mentioned in my previous post), you may have better luck. Using Android's MIDI support, there won't be a permission prompt and the device should appear in the list automatically when it's connected.

Posted: 04-08-23 4:24 am
by pippin
No luck so far. After changing to Android M Midi, there is still just the Synthesia Touchscreen Keyboard as the only option in Music Input.

Posted: 04-08-23 7:56 am
by Bavi_H
According to the Yamaha CP4 STAGE manuals, it can't exchange MIDI messages on its TO HOST USB port and its DIN MIDI ports at the same time. You have to change a setting to choose which one is active. (See the Owner's Manual page 44 "Using with a Computer" and the Reference Manual page 42 about the MIDI IN/OUT setting.)
  1. Press the UTILITY button.
  2. Press the down or up arrow button to get to 02:MIDI, then press ENTER.
  3. Make sure the triangle cursor is pointing to IN/OUT. If not, use the arrow buttons to move the triangle cursor to IN/OUT.
  4. Use the dial or the -1/NO or +1/YES buttons to change the IN/OUT setting to "USB" (instead of "MIDI").
  5. Press the STORE button to save the setting.