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Posted: 04-17-23 3:02 pm
by Nicholas
I just spotted the Google Play crashes (presumably generated from your device) about 15 minutes before you wrote this. Sorry for the trouble.

It was a silly omission. I just pushed another fixed build that Google is reviewing. Once you get 10.9.5916 (at the lower-right corner on the title screen) it should be fixed.

Posted: 04-18-23 11:28 am
by Andre2007
Thanks, it works fine now.

Just an idea, the files are added flat to the list. I wonder, when the files are in a sub folder of a known directory (which was added in the settings window) this known folder can be used as base folder. The folders below the base folders can be used to show in UI.

Example: Folder \documents\music was added as known folder. Within this folder there is a sub folder easy_songs with files manually added. Therefore in UI this can be shown:
> easy_songs
-- Song1
-- Song2

But maybe this is too much magic :D

Kind regards

Posted: 04-18-23 3:48 pm
by Nicholas
Thanks for the quick follow-up. It's good to hear it's working. Sorry again for the trouble.
Andre2007 wrote: 04-18-23 11:28 am... when the files are in a sub folder of a known directory...
The way that Android's new "security" feature works (and the reason this change was required in the first place) is that they're trying as hard as possible to keep the location of those files (specifically, the ones that don't match the file extension white list: MusicXML, SoundFonts, and .synthesia metadata in this case) a complete secret from apps.

When you choose files from the system file-picker window, all Synthesia gets internally is an opaque "content://..." URI that doesn't say anything about where the song comes from. You already have to ask very politely just to get the original file name from a content URI, but they never reveal the path.

Posted: 04-19-23 2:21 pm
by Andre2007
I see, Android is really secure :D

Just thinking loud:
Maybe, if Android allows it, a zip file can be used to work around the limitations. The folder structure within the zip file could be used.
But this is for me a nice to have, maybe in some later version, nothing I really need at the moment.

Kind regards

Posted: 04-20-23 6:34 pm
by Nicholas
This is quite possible. Synthesia already interacts with .zip files: the built-in songs are stored in a zip that is embedded inside the app itself. And the .mxl version of MusicXML files is just a renamed zip file (with a couple assumptions made about the contents), which Synthesia also already knows how to read.

It would take a little extra work to treat the virtual file system inside the zip as a series of folders, but I don't see any major technical roadblocks.