Limited duration of MIDI recordings?

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Post by Anfasa »

Hi all,

I recently purchased a Roland FP-30X, which I connect to Synthesia via Bluetooth MIDI. It's working perfectly well, both as an input and output device. I have been using Synthesia to record my practice session by just clicking the record button in free play mode. However, I've noticed a few times that the recording automatically stops after almost exactly 25 minutes, and I need to manually start a new one.
Is this intended, and is there a way to change this setting somewhere to have longer or unlimited recording?

OS: Windows 10, 64 bit
Synthesia v10.9.5903
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Post by Nicholas »

Sorry for the inconvenience. The 25min max record limit was mostly just an arbitrary number I picked to prevent the "the user pressed record and then had to walk away for some reason" situation from recording a blank song, say, overnight.

Would something like 2 hours for the limit be a better compromise?
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Post by jimhenry »

Would it be possible to reset the timer whenever there is activity? The recording would be ended after X minutes of inactivity.

Or how about pausing the recording after X minutes (seconds?) of silence and then resuming on activity?
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Post by Nicholas »

I was hoping to solve this by changing a single number in the source... but your ideas are better. :anxious:
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