Keyboard visibility finicky

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Post by LucidMusicInc »

Please add a switch in the menu to display the keyboard or hide it. The swipe gesture is problematic for glaringly obvious reasons. iOS
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Post by Nicholas »

Is this on the Free Play screen while trying out the new 10.9 stuff?

On the song screen, the little blue square isn't so bad if the song is paused, as it's always visible and easy to set exactly the visible portion you'd like to see. If the song isn't paused (and on the Free Play screen it never is :? ), I would agree that the interaction is pretty awful and there should be an alternative way to either toggle the keyboard on/off or to make the little draggable block stay out long enough that you can actually grab hold of it.

I suppose what I'm trying to find out is whether you don't like the "good" version of the block dragging, or if you're talking about the frustrating, hide-and-seek version of that interaction. I completely understand the latter, but I'd like to hear more about the glaringly obvious reasons if it's the former. Thanks!
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