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Post by AndrewC »

Annotations in an .MXL file are not being displayed at all in Synthesia. If I load the same .MXL file into MuseScore, they appear perfectly.
For beginners like me, I'm using the Sythnesia Score feature to learn to play the piano, and the Annotations like chord name etc are very useful.
So could you please implement this feature.

I have attached a snapshot of the same .MXL file displayed side-by-side in MuseScore and Synthesia to show the missing Annotations.
Synthesia_MXL.JPG (166.3 KiB) Viewed 957 times
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Post by jimhenry »

There is a lot more wrong with the sheet music display than just the missing annotations. Support for MusicXML is in the process of being added. If I recall correctly the current release reads MusicXML but the sheet music display does not yet use any of the MusicXML information about the appearance of the score; the sheet music display is currently the same for a MIDI file and a MusicXML file. That will change by the time version 11.0 is released and probably some improvements in sheet music display will be seen before then.
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Post by JimM »

I just signed up specifically to ask about MusicXML score formatting features. The sheet music display is unreadable on some of the scores I bought Synthesia tow work on. I'd hoped that moving from MIDI files to MusicXML would fix the formatting problems but that clearly isn't the case. I very much hope that future iterations read and use the MusicXML appearance capabilities.
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Post by Nicholas »

Yes, proper formatting when using MusicXML is the primary focus of the Synthesia 11 release. Like it mentions on the front page in the v10.8 release notes, this first pass was just to get MusicXML files loading (almost as another species of MIDI file). Now that it can open them, the app can start using some of the extra information those files contain.
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Post by vishal.alex »

I have also noticed that when both clefs are same(like both Treble clef), the notes from the LH gets mixed with the RH. Taking the finger number from the Music XML will be a huge feature.
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