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Post by otykarol »


I have a question regarding using Synthesia with music sheets display:
Is there a way to increase the separation between bass and treble clefs? Or any other way to make it not overlap each other?

Upper notes on the bass clef overlap the bottom notes on the treble clef - and that makes reading the sheet much more difficult.
I attach screenshot, as an example - just to note: Synthesia is properly recognizing left and right hand notes. It seems to be just a matter of displaying the sheet.

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Post by tommai78101 »

I had this happen to some other MIDIs where they require the left hands to play higher octaves than normal for most of the songs.

I know there is this new indentation on the treble clef, called the higher octave treble clef, in which the middle C is now at C5 and not at the usual C4 position on the piano:


Before, it's usually denoted with a treble clef and a "8va", but now it's just 1 big music notation symbol. It is one of those things that would appear in modern piano sheet music. It helps to make the notes on the piano sheet more readable while you're shifting your hands around on the piano. Also, the bottom bass clef is now a treble clef, because the whole piano sheet has been shifted up by 1 octave.

If Synthesia can allow the users to add an octave offset to the piano sheet display, or allow the bottom bass clef to turn into a treble clef, that would be wonderful.
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Post by Nicholas »

As we begin using the musical information available in MusicXML files (which we just added support for at least loading in Synthesia 10.8), both of these should come along automatically.

The MusicXML file will be authored to have the left-hand notes on the bottom staff so Synthesia will show them there. And if a song calls for an Octave Clef, it will be shown correctly.

(Sorry for the wait in the meantime! The list is starting to move again, so it's only a matter of time.)
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Post by otykarol »

Thank you for your work - I'm eagerly waiting for an update :)
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