Help! Keyboard Responsive Issues + Synthesia Set-Up

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Post by Silvetwolf »


I’m new to this website, so it’s nice to meet everyone!

I made this account because I’m at a loss and need some help.

Today I received my MIDI Adapter that was suggested from the Synthesia website link (Yamaha MD-BT01). I’ve followed the directions of how to set it up and it isn’t working in the way it is.

For a bit of background info, my keyboard is a hand-me-down Technics SX-KN501 and I am using Synthesia (Locked version, I didn’t pay for it yet) on my iPad Pro 11” (2018)

Whether this issue is occurring from my keyboard or device, I’m not sure. Considering the Keyboard was a hand-me-down, I do not know what abuse it suffered before it landed in my hands. I don’t use it as much as I want, and asides from it being a bit dusty everything seems to work well.

The issue: When I plugged the MIDI into my keyboard, the LED light lit up signaling it was searching for something to connect to. It takes a few tries but I am able to connect my MIDI to Synthesia, and the Bluetooth device name shows up as it should (for clarification it does connect to the app instead of the device). However, when it does connect, my keyboard goes silent and the app isn’t responsive to the keyboard keys. I’m not sure if this is an INPUT/OUTPUT setting issue, but when I tried setting up the key rang my keyboard was still unresponsive.

I’d really like to use Synthesia in the way I hoped but I simply don’t know what the issue is, whether my input/output settings are set incorrectly or if something is broken, I tried the internet but no one seems to have the same set up. I’d like to try to find an answer before I have to give up and send the MIDI Adapter back to the seller.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!!
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Post by Nicholas »

Hmm, well the good news is that it sounds like you've got things 90% of the way there. That Synthesia can see something and (even if it's not what you were hoping for) it can change something on the keyboard, means some sort of connection is being established.

The keyboard going silent is a bit strange. When you choose it from the "Music Output" list on the settings screen inside Synthesia, have you enabled the "Prevent 'local' notes" option there? That is the most likely thing that would make it silent. If so, disabling that should allow the keys to make sound again.

Otherwise, the manual (PDF link) shows a rather comprehensive set of MIDI functionality built into the keyboard (including full General MIDI compatibility), so it doesn't seem like there should be anything stopping it from working.
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Post by Silvetwolf »

Oh my gosh thank you so much!!

It was actually the opposite, that setting was turned off but when I turned it on my keyboard immediately started responding.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to receive help 😭😭 I use to watch Synthesia videos when I was really young and I always wanted to have a chance to use the program!
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