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Re: Synthesia 11 Release Estimate

Posted: 08-07-20 12:12 am
by Nicholas
They do by default. A little logo in the bottom corner and a little bumper at the end to tell about it. Example. (Man, that old, 2000's-era cell phone ringtone DLS synth sounds terrible...)

I never like forcing that kind of stuff on people, so it's easy to disable in the UI. I'm not sure I've ever seen either of those elements in a video in the wild. So, who can say how useful it has been?

Still, after 14 years there isn't much mystery as to which app is used to create that style of video. I've seen comments in those YouTube videos along the lines of "hey, can you make a Synthesia of 'song-name-here'?" which is pretty cool as far as brand recognition is concerned, but a little eerie as far as trademark distinctiveness goes. :lol:

Re: Synthesia 11 Release Estimate

Posted: 08-07-20 8:18 am
by jimhenry
Nicholas wrote:
08-07-20 12:12 am
there isn't much mystery as to which app is used to create that style of video.
There isn't much mystery for a Synthesia user. But don't underestimate the mystery for viewers at large.

Re: Synthesia 11 Release Estimate

Posted: 08-07-20 2:45 pm
by thiagolr
A few years ago it took me some time to find out about Synthesia, I always watched Peter Plutax's videos and I didn't know they were made using Synthesia...

Re: Synthesia 11 Release Estimate

Posted: 08-20-20 4:08 pm
by jimhenry
jimhenry wrote:
08-05-20 12:10 am
I would now say what happened is that starting with Synthesia 10 you decided that numbering major releases with integers, a practice that only started with Synthesia 9, consumed numbers too quickly. I would characterize each "point one-tenth" release starting with 10.2 as a major release. And you have been releasing those annually toward the end of the year. So I am not telling you anything you aren't already doing, although maybe unconsciously. ;)
I think you do yourself a disservice every time you use the phrase "the upcoming Synthesia 11 release." It makes it sound like that is the next major milestone. I think it would be better to have the mindset that 10.7 is the upcoming release that is the next major milestone.

When you want to talk about features that will arrive with the use of MusicXML files in Synthesia 11, perhaps you should omit "upcoming" which has a whiff of sometime not too far off.

Re: Synthesia 11 Release Estimate

Posted: 08-22-20 3:20 am
by Nicholas
I'd answered the follow-up email fifty times before unifying on "upcoming".

Me: "That will be in Synthesia 11."
Them: "Oh, where can I download Synthesia 11?"

The future tense "will be" never seemed to matter. Whiffs or not, "upcoming" is the technically correct expression for the sake of auto-translator software and all the language barriers the official communication has to surmount, so it makes the most sense.

Re: Synthesia 11 Release Estimate

Posted: 08-22-20 10:32 am
by jimhenry
Point taken.

Re: Synthesia 11 Release Estimate

Posted: 11-01-20 2:15 pm
by Nicholas
2020-10.png (2.92 KiB) Viewed 436 times

This doesn't look like much, but there are some important differences vs. the last six months. Those little bumps weren't there before! I was able to squeeze in more actual-development work in October than every month since the start of the pandemic combined. About half of it was new impositions: Apple broke MIDI in iOS 14, Kurzweil thinks sending more Note Ons than Note Offs is a good idea, Apple deprecates half their APIs every time they release something and then demands that you update to the latest before you are allowed to submit app updates, etc.

The other half of the bumps are useful work:

1. The translations hadn't been brought up to date since 10.5... except for a manual correction here-and-there submitted by a user, or a whole new language contributed by a user (at some along the evolving state of the app). Figuring out which strings were missing in which languages, sorting out how the App Store listings need to be updated after 8 years with new features, and getting the raw, rough files from the translation service ($1,200 later :? ) integrated correctly into the app took more time than I expected. But it's done now and everything is caught up the way it should be.

2. Down stems are close. The renderer knows how to draw them just as pixel perfect as up stems now. It can beam them. The flags (or tails) are interesting because they tuck under the note, which means the stems on chords can get really long and kind of unsightly. The music font we're using has "short" flag variations for those cases and I'm thinking about using them when the stem gets ridiculous. Finally, when up- and down-stemmed notes happen on the same beat, they need to be pushed apart a little so they don't look like some yin/yang or figure eight thing. Lots of little details!

So we've got a combination of "new forced work" coming in and the phenomenon I described in the top post about this not being a perfect metric: a task list line that says "make sure X still works [after change Y]" might take 5 minutes. But a task list line like "Down stems" might take 50 hours. Progress on the graph is not linear. It looks flat for October, but the gears were turning again. :)

With any luck, 10.7 might go out the door in November. Hopefully.

Re: Synthesia 11 Release Estimate

Posted: 11-10-20 7:16 am
by Mte90
If you need help with Italian I can help with that, I contributed to a lot of open source projects with localization during the years for free.