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Posted: 09-15-19 2:08 pm
by jimhenry
Congratulations! May everyone stay happy and healthy. :D

Posted: 09-16-19 7:27 am
by monkel
Excellent news! Enjoy your baby honeymoon!

New device support incoming?


Posted: 09-19-19 12:52 am
by Nicholas
I dunno, "Happy Pat drum" sounds pretty cool. :lol: None of my test keyboards have drum pads on them. Maybe I should grab that one. ;)

Posted: 09-29-19 6:25 am
by Nicholas
Progress Update!

September 2019:
  • Cared for an infant.
  • Released Synthesia 10.6 after an iOS update forced my hand a little early.
Simple recording and sheet music down stems(!) are coming next time.

Posted: 09-29-19 8:42 am
by monkel
"And he said there'd be down stems and there was much commotion in the streets and folk from near and far congregated in the market places."

From the book Nicholas, chapter 10.

Posted: 10-01-19 7:50 am
by Magic73
Nicholas wrote: 09-15-19 3:17 am The quickest update: we're home from the hospital; everyone is happy and healthy. :)
Great! Congrats to all of you :)

Posted: 10-21-20 1:24 pm
by Nicholas
Wow, has it really been a year since the last update here? :shock: :oops:

Progress Update!

In any event, down stems are (finally) starting to shape up:

downstems.png (3.47 KiB) Viewed 524 times

For 10.7, their appearance is going to be just about as naive as you can imagine by using the "above/below the middle staff line" rule. Once the beam revamp comes along (allowing beams between more than two notes!) in a little while, that scheme will become a bit more nuanced. Behind Bars has a lot to say about stems and I'm hoping to incorporate as much of that actionable advice as possible.

Posted: 10-22-20 3:26 am
by monkel
Thanks for the update. Whenever I think this has become quiet for good, there's a sign of life. Keep it going, please! :)