Numerical Solfege & Sargam

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Consider adding the numerical equivalent of Movable-Do Solfege. Scale Numbers are currently an option, but sharp & flat degrees are omitted. The natural Scale Degree numbers are already represented: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-1. It would be as simple as equating: Ra = b2 | Me = b3 | Fi = #4 | Le = b6 |Te = b7.

You could also include the Hindustani/Carnatic musical notation system of Sargam. Its function is roughly equivalent to the Movable-Do system: Sa-Re/Ri*-Ga-Ma-Pa-Dha-Ni-Sa. The primary difference between this system and Movable-Do Solfege is that it does not alter syllables for sharp & flat degrees. (*-Note that "Re" is used in the Northern Hindustani tradition and "Ri" in the Southern Carnatic tradition, but both approximately represent the 2nd degree of the scale.)

Sa = 1 | Re/Ri* = 2 | Ga = 3 | Ma = 4 | Pa = 5 | Dha = 6 | Ni = 7 |Sa = 1

b2 = Re/Ri* | b3 = Ga | #4 = Ma | b6 = Dha | b7 = Ni

For a more in-depth explanation on the variant Sargam systems, please see the following reference:

Wikipedia entry on the Indian Classical musical concept of Svara:
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