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Posted: 11-08-08 6:00 pm
by ewing
Quest Studios

You can find all the music created by Sierra On-Line for their games there. Sierra was the company that pioneered audio/midi hardware support in games and helped bring about sound cards to the consumer market (Roland, Adlib, Creative Labs). As a result, they have a large and very professionally done library of music.

Of course, the flipside is that these songs are probably hard to play, though there is a wide range of music so some songs are simpler than others.

Posted: 11-14-08 12:17 am
by chelsa
More piano midis
Classical and christmas carols. My 8 year old son is really enjoying himself with the carols.

Posted: 11-14-08 3:34 am
by TonE
chelsa wrote:More piano midis
Classical and christmas carols. My 8 year old son is really enjoying himself with the carols.
These midi files seem not to be free, FGI. (FGI := For General Information)

Posted: 11-14-08 4:00 am
by TonE
Nicholas wrote:... Where did you see some that weren't free? ...
I just had a fast look for the collection midi file packages. So I should check again for one-by-one downloading, there are anyway useful download managers like FlashGet which can do the boring work.

Posted: 11-24-08 11:30 pm
by filipinokid3
I've got 2 very good ones...

and if you're into anime,

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted: 11-25-08 6:35 pm
by mrjonnyevo
ok so heres my fave 5 piano midi files
hope sombody tries them out as i think they are spot on would love to know what you think
songs are aintmissb . i dont like mondays,maple leaf rag. bohemian rap and we are the champs
New Folder (4).zip
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Posted: 12-07-08 11:39 pm
by crriitncrayon
i am looking for a site that has the latest music that i can learn to play. i dont want classical i want better music that you would hear on the radio on z-96 or wabb. i mean seriously. can someone help?

Posted: 12-12-08 1:29 pm
by kiwi
Hi i use or guitar pro 4 to convert guitar tab to midi cause i have a huge collection of tab and when i haven't i use google with ".mid" at the last of the title song i want. :idea:
i think u 'll find easyly a good tune in the web

Posted: 12-21-08 1:51 pm
by Rich
I just found a great MIDI site and it's got al the MIDI's you need.

Posted: 02-06-09 7:32 am
by racer
you can find a lot of midis of Anime at and at

Posted: 02-22-09 2:36 am
by greenleafgirlie
hey i found this site and i love it! it has something foreveryone classical video game movie and tv midi's they take a lil work to find what part you want to play but its well worth it! the linkes on this one also lead to some other great sites

Posted: 05-03-09 7:05 am
by SH1457
I know a site I think , it has English and Fillipino MIDIs.
I was also hoping someone would add "Window to the Past" by John Williams.

Posted: 05-14-09 9:44 pm
by emilia
Does anyone know where i can get Alec Puro's, "Concert Dream" as a midi ? ... cert-dream
Anyone mind converting it maybe ? :roll:

Posted: 06-01-09 5:29 am
by Choul

Posted: 06-01-09 5:39 am
by Choul

Posted: 06-01-09 5:42 am
by Choul

Posted: 06-01-09 6:01 am
by Choul

Posted: 08-22-09 8:06 pm
by Dullahan
I already posted this in another topic.
if you like game music, try this site
This site has nice songs, all in piano :D

Posted: 09-29-09 6:23 pm
by akiramuyo
I just found a great resource for piano MIDI's. Seems to have thousands and all of them are free to download.


Posted: 10-07-09 5:29 pm
by litelight
I don't know if any of these were posted, but here are some sites to anime midis.

There you go! ^^