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Posted: 01-24-22 11:13 am
by wcyber
Hello everyone..

I have joined this forum to report/complain on a "bug" that started happening on my PC... While hitting any left part of the keyboard, Synthesia closes.. So, I was trying updating, reinstalling USB MIDI drivers for my Medeli A100 keyboard, but no luck..

So, finally I found this forum to ask for help, but while I was waiting for a registration, I have solved the problem :D

And the problem was, my 7 year old kid who is actually using Synthesia to play his keyboard, has set shortcuts to End/Close Synthesia on left half of the keyboard keys,,,

And thats my story..


Posted: 01-24-22 11:47 am
by Nicholas
That's a great story. :lol:

Halfway through I was already scratching my head about what sort of crazy MIDI input would cause that sort of crash, but everything was better by the conclusion. hehe.

Posted: 01-25-22 7:59 am
by wcyber
Yup, I was also scratching my head and thinking into that direction.. And also I already had some ideas that Windows was messing with the input from USB Midi device and translating to some weird keyboard characters..

I have even contacted Medeli for a support :D