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Posted: 12-07-21 2:50 pm
by MisterMusicarta
Attention Nicholas/support, please!
Hi again, I'm afraid.I'm wanting to use Synthesia Free Play to demo on-screen in online tutorials.
Unfortunately, the 'descriptive' labels that appear unbidden in the top left of the screen aren't at all appropriate.
How can I turn them off?
Thanks again!
Bob Chappell

Posted: 12-08-21 4:33 am
by Bavi_H
Hold down the Shift key while starting Synthesia to get the Synthesia Configuration window.

Select the setting "FreePlay.ShowChordName" and uncheck the Value box.

Posted: 12-08-21 7:52 pm
by icuurd12b42
Would be nice to have a right click hide on both the note label and the instrument selector...