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Posted: 11-23-21 3:11 pm
by MisterMusicarta
Can you please direct me to the instructions for using Synthesia as a 'virtual keyboard', simultaneously demonstrating on my computer monitor what I'm playing on my Kawai digital piano?\Many thanks
Bob Chappell

Posted: 11-24-21 4:27 pm
by Nicholas
Once you enable your Kawai on the Settings screen (from the Music Input list), isn't it just a matter of going to the Free Play screen?

Anything you play on the keyboard will be shown there and, instead of falling, there will be "rising note blocks" that you generate via your playing.

Or did you mean something else?

Posted: 12-07-21 3:03 pm
by MisterMusicarta
Thanks, figured it out.
Turns out only some of my USB ports are 'powered', so my UM-1 MIDI doodah wasn't getting any juice, and therefore didn't show up in Input Devices in settings.
Used a powered USB port and all was well.