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Posted: 04-30-21 7:23 am
by Smiley

I'm calling myself 'Smiley' until I feel comfortable on here, not knowing anyone.

I bought Synthesia to show on-screen piano notes I play whilst guiding others over the internet. And, yes it's true I didn't need to buy the programme to do that, but I also wanted to create my own arrangements and midi files for others to practice; those that don't particularly wish to read the dots. So I'm looking forward to using the programme...

I think I've read somewhere that the next version will have:
  • transparent note bars
    Synthesia_TrannyBars.png (32.98 KiB) Viewed 2979 times
    I shall look forward to that...
  • the ability to choose your own note bar colours just like you can change your UI colour scheme, which I found easy to do.
  • correctly displayed .xml sheet music I'm particularly looking forward to this...
Finally, I'm attaching a zip of a simple arrangement you can play with of Good Morning to All. It contains the midi file, the xml file, a suitable .synthesia file with fingering, a pdf and the background png file. I understand that the next version will also parse xml files too. Wonderful additions coming the user's way!

Posted: 04-30-21 3:52 pm
by Nicholas
Hi and welcome to the forums.

The last two things you mentioned are coming, though not necessarily in the very next update.

But what I'm especially curious about is where you heard about transparent notes and where that image came from? That's the first news I've heard about it. :lol:

Posted: 04-30-21 4:33 pm
by Smiley
Thanks Nicholas,

I assumed if you could change the note bar colours - you could choose an RGBA colour. :oops:

Whilst I've got your attention ;) ...
Fingerings.png (56.46 KiB) Viewed 2969 times
  1. Is it possible to indicate where a change of finger is needed on the same note?
  • I know you can hover over a note and press a key 6 to 0 for the right hand, but I find it confusing that the left hand isn't 5 to 1. I would prefer it that way round so I can just hover my hands over the numbers and press the right key with the finger I'm suggesting for the note (hope that makes sense? :?
    FingeringMappings.png (42.56 KiB) Viewed 2969 times
The graphics are just something I quickly created on the PC for illustrative purposes only. :D

Posted: 04-30-21 6:57 pm
by Smiley
Forget the second request for fingering keyboard shortcuts; I found what I was looking for... :roll:
FingerMappingsDONE.png (38.25 KiB) Viewed 2957 times

Posted: 05-26-21 3:12 am
by Nicholas
Smiley wrote: 04-30-21 4:33 pmIs it possible to indicate where a change of finger is needed on the same note?
Did you mean, like, vertically? So that it could be aligned with the exact time your finger needs to move? Today there isn't any way to indicate the timing of additional finger hints, sorry!

Posted: 05-30-21 8:52 pm
by Smiley
No, that would be difficult to follow...

Something a lot simpler like 3-5 for instance - just as it is indicated on sheet music.

Posted: 06-04-21 2:02 am
by Nicholas
You can already add multiple hints to the same note. Just mouse over the plus (+) icon between the two hands to add another number to the same falling note block.