Save a modified midi from Android as a synthesia file?

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Post by Tashar »

I play off my android tablet and have put a good amount of effort into fixing up some midi files I’ve download offline: correcting left/right hand errors and adding finger hints.

Is there any way to export or retrieve the “.synthesia” version file from these from my tablet? I am aware of the Synthesia Metadata Editor program but it looks like it’s Mac/PC and would require me to do-do the work.

As a alternative, is there any way I can backup the state so if something happens I can restore my data and songs?
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Post by Nicholas »

For now there isn't an easy way to do this on iPad or Android (unless the device is jailbroken, which we never recommend).

I've been hoping to add a backup/restore feature for the tablets to support situations just like these. It's on line 499 of the list at the moment. Once that's in, you'll be able to get the files with everything you need for either the metadata editor or just to copy around directly to new devices.
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