Add-on device for note light on a piano

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Post by xpianonoob »

I am hoping to find if there is any device/addon thing i can connect to the computer together with my electric piano so that I can have the notes light up as hints to be played, because my piano doesn't have lights built in with the keys. I don't know if such device exists or not, and I can't find topics that might have addressed this before.

I reckon it is too difficult for me (spacewise and moneywise) to just buy a new piano with such feature.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Post by Nicholas »

I am very sorry for the wait on this!

There are a few light strips available. The ONE Piano Hi-Lite is pretty expensive (and I can only recommend it when wired; not wireless), but it's probably the most turn-key of the bunch. It's also only for 88-key pianos.

The PianoMaestro light bar is about half the price of the former, but only covers up to 48 keys. (I'm not actually sure about it's compatibility with mobile devices.)

There is even a relatively popular DIY solution (using a Raspberry PI) that will most likely come in as the cheapest solution: Piano LED Visualizer. That one will take a bit of assembly and tinkering to get up and running.
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