Synthesia installed on new machine, does not recognize keystrokes in Settings

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Post by coskel »

My problem seems to be similar to this thread.

Using version 10.6.5425 on a PC running Windows 10, and using Ableton Live 10 to interface so I can hear the audio on the PC. If I disable Ableton, Synthesia does not work.
PC with a USB connector, an M Audio Midisport UNO, keyboard is an M Audio Keystation 88 Pro.

On my Windows 7 machine, this ran like a champ.

On Win 10, I have tried:
Enabling all the hardware for I/O.
Disabling everything except the Keystation
Disabling everything except the Midisport.
I have enabled and disabled the virtual keyboard as well.

In all instances, Synthesia recognizes the M Audio keyboard, and I can HEAR the notes being played.
What is does NOT allow me to do is configure the final Settings for the keyboard range, so the keyboard never finalizes setup.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance!
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Post by Nicholas »

I'm very sorry for the wait on this!

Were you ever able to solve this problem in the intervening ~6 months?
coskel wrote: 01-01-21 11:27 amIf I disable Ableton, Synthesia does not work.
I'm not quite sure I follow. Do you mean it just doesn't play any audio? Or something worse like Synthesia completely fails to start?

If you can't set the input device note range, it may be that Ableton also has the Midisport device "opened", preventing Synthesia from also reading from it.
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