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Post by Anonymous997 »

If you wanted them, here is an archive of all the current versions of Synthesia:

Standalone zip file:



10.7: ... taller.exe
10.6: ... taller.exe
10.5.1: ... taller.exe
10.5: ... taller.exe
10.4: ... taller.exe
10.3: ... taller.exe
10.2: ... taller.exe
10.1: ... taller.exe
10.0: ... taller.exe
9.0: ... taller.exe
8.6: ... taller.exe
8.5: ... taller.exe
8.4: ... taller.exe
0.8.3: ... taller.exe
0.8.2: ... taller.exe
0.8.1: ... taller.exe
0.8.0: ... taller.exe
0.7.5: ... taller.exe
0.7.4: ... taller.exe
0.7.3: ... taller.exe
0.7.2: ... taller.exe
0.7.1: ... taller.exe
0.7.0: ... taller.exe
0.6.5: ... taller.exe
0.6.4: ... taller.exe
0.6.3: ... taller.exe
0.6.2: ... taller.exe
0.6.1: ... taller.exe
0.6.0: ... taller.exe

Oldest versions(Alpha)
0.5.1: ... ame/0.5.1/
0.5.0: ... ame/0.5.0/
0.4.0: ... ame/0.4.0/
WARNING: This warning is now useless as I have realized that.. Guitar Hero is no longer in production or development, only Clone Hero stuff is being made.

You could use, but if you want versions older than 8.4 it won't work because the download button redirects to the 8.4 link. Literally. (it's because of a change in the links and 8.4 is the earliest that doesn't have that change)
(0.5.1, 0.5.0, and 0.4.0 got removed from the CDN. Learn More)
I couldn't find any earlier versions, but this is already way back! Bye! :D
Also, this post is not only for now, but for the future when these later versions become unavailable to download on the Synthesia website.
I will check on this post every month to update it when and if new versions of Synthesia are released.
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Post by Anonymous997 »

Sorry about the versions past 0.8.1, they can't run. I don't know how to fix this. They might run on your system, but they didn't run on mine because of some sort of "this program is being blocked from running because it could be a virus" kind of stuff. (this problem is fixed now, so don't worry)
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Post by Nicholas »

Before 0.8.1, I wasn't code-signing Synthesia yet. That's the reason for the warnings. There are usually ways to get around that SmartScreen warning.

Also: your 0.8.2 link is broken. :D
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Post by Anonymous997 »

Nicholas, is there a 0.5.0 and 0.4.0 version of synthesia on its content delivery network?
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Post by Nicholas »

Nope, those predate the CDN links and aren't available from us officially anymore.

Those early versions were originally titled "Piano Hero". Activision sent us a cease and desist letter to change the name (to avoid confusion with their "Guitar Hero" trademark).

In addition to changing the name, we agreed not to make those versions available anymore.
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Post by thiagolr »

I didn't know they threatened you, I'm sorry to hear that, I'm pretty sure they didn't have a case and were just harassing you.
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Post by Anonymous997 »

What do you mean?
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Post by Nicholas »

I think he was talking about the cease and desist from Activision. All of that was a very long time ago. And in a way, I should almost thank them: the news coverage it generated at the time was sort of what got the tiny snowball rolling down the mountain. It's only picked up speed and grown since then.
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Post by Anonymous997 »

Anonymous997 wrote: 05-24-20 2:28 pm (I kinda want this topic to be stickied)
I don't want this to fade into the deep dark pit of old and hard to find posts.
And, also, I feel like it's a resource that you can't find anywhere else, so if someone was looking for, let's say, 0.8.1, they'd probably just do a google search. And then that wouldn't work, so they keep looking until they stumble across the forums, then try looking there and realize that the board has been up since 2007 and they aren't gonna know where to look... General? Okay, I'll look there first... not found on the first page, oh no.. there are over 70 pages. So they would just quit. That is the reason I want it to be stickied or.. well, bumped every week/month or so so that people actually know that it exists.
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Post by Nicholas »

The most interesting part for me is right at the beginning of your story: why is that person interested in say, version 0.8.1 in the first place? Outside of it being a historical curiosity, it's hard to imagine why such an obscure list should always be listed right up at the top along with the other more frequently-used guides.
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expect me to be a lot less active
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