Can't get ipad to see midi songs in Synthesia

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I cannot seem to get Synthesia to see midi songs. I have copied some midi songs on my ipad but when I do into Synthesia/ Songs, there is NEVER a plus sign so I can add a directory. Anyone know what I need to do to be able to point Synthesia to my midi songs? Thank you.
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Post by Nicholas »

Sorry for the wait on this.

When you say you copied some MIDI songs to your iPad, how did you do it? Was it through the Files app? Usually when you choose a MIDI song in Files, there is an option to "Open with..." and you can choose Synthesia from the list. That should get it to appear in the list of songs inside the app.

And after the first time opening a song that way, a Synthesia folder should appear in the Files app under "On my iPad". From that point, you can copy things into or out of Synthesia's space in bulk. Anything you put in that folder should show up in the songs list inside the app.
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