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Hey Nicholas, i wanted to send this message in private, originally i contacted you guys through facebook first but was directed from the Synthesia fb support to come here and contact via email with no luck finding an email address.
I have a task for modifying a few things in Synthesia, i have included all information to your Facebook messenger including an estimated budget.
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I just dug around Facebook for a while ("Inbox" is different than "Messages"? Some of them link to the business page; others link to my completely-disused personal page? I must be becoming an old man...) and couldn't find it.

The support email is

If you could send it there, that would be helpful. (Sorry for the runaround. Monitoring support in these forums, email, Twitter, and Reddit is already a handful, so I've tried my best to avoid any additional support venues. If I'm already doing a bad job of keeping up, more places to check would just make it worse.) :?
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