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Posted: 05-04-20 2:23 pm
by Walter Silva
It would be very interesting, if Synthesia had support for vsti's plugins, has anyone thought about how to work this in synthesia? :)

for example, I make use of Kontakt sounds but for that I have to cancel the Synthesia sound, and open kontakt in other software.

Posted: 05-04-20 4:08 pm
by Gregor
It is possible to do it, in this link it tells you how ;) ... same_time/

Midi loop page link:

Steps to follow:
1- Install Loop Midi port
2- Activate audio output in Synthesia to LoopMidi port
3- Configure entry in Kontakt to Loop Midi port

Posted: 05-14-20 2:28 pm
by Walter Silva
I think this works with the Windows operating system, any other way for OSX?

Posted: 06-10-20 6:09 am
by Nicholas
Mac has a MIDI "loop back" driver built in: the IAC Driver. That should be able to solve the problem the same way that Gregor showed on the Windows side.