Suggestion: Making MIDI Files

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Post by max_4 »

I have a pretty good suggestion, making your own MIDI files in Synthesia. You can be able to copy another file which is unusable (mp3 to midi) and make it seem more realistic from selecting notes or adding notes. Selecting notes will require you to tap the first note two times and the other notes just once, but you need to hold the notes to delete or copy them

There will be a paste option in the top bar, and you will also be able to add percussion notes

By selecting notes, a new button will appear on the top right corner that will be "+Change Instrument". By dragging the top or bottom of a note, you will be able to change the duration of it. By dragging the note from the center you are trying to change its position.

What do you guys think? :P

Edit: I forgot to mention that i also want this on mobile because that's what i use since my computer is dead and i have paid synthesia on my tablet. (It can be on computers too!)
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Post by Nicholas »

The latest 10.7 preview just got a simple multi-track recorder. Otherwise, for the kinds of more advanced editing you're looking for, you'll need a music editing app that can export your song as a MIDI file.
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