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All MIDI attachments must be one of the following:
  • Your own, original work submitted under some license that permits free private use (I recommend public domain or Creative Commons).
  • Adapted from works created prior to 1923. This goes for both the composition and arrangement. This means you cannot post MIDI versions of recent songs.
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Post by DaveSofie »

Hello, I'm looking for some great midi files from Belgian/Dutch artists. Can some one help me with that?
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Post by aria1121 »

Hi DaveSofie,

I'm sorry to tell you but it's all a matter of copyright. Here is some information that could come useful I wrote a while ago:
aria1121 wrote:I found a site about MIDI Copyright; http://www.midiloops.com/copyrit1.htm
I think those points are the most important:
midiloops.com wrote:
- How does copyright affect a normal person not professionally involved in music?

[...] If anyone is using music under copyright for any other than strictly personal use - royalties are due!
This includes especially recording in any form, broadcasting, printing, playing /performing to audiences, or including for use with other media. Creating any duplictions or providing for it (copies) constitutes distribution, even when not for profit - as soon as there is more than 1 or 2 copies for personal use (or backup).you are in violation of the copyright. [...] Using this music as a D.J, on the radio or for a movie, TV show , dance etc. generates "commercial use" copyright fees. Including music in webpages or other files or making them available to others ( per FTP or downloading) constitutes (re-)publishing /broadcasting of this music to the public! [...]

- Are there any copyright free MIDI-files?

Not really - only, if the recording artist(s) make no claim to the production/perfomance and the music used is public domain . Public domain means the copyright has expired . This is the case for traditionals or music where the creator is dead for at least more than 50 (fifty) years, in most countries now even 75 (seventyfive) years. That is the now valid period of protection, unless it was published under pseudonym, then the work is protected for this period from the year of first publication. [...]

- What about MIDI-files and shareware, can they be tested?
Music recordings have no trial period or beta releases ! If you want it - you buy , if you do not like it -- voila, and no one should argue about taste! In many cases you may be able to listen to samples or "cuts", you will not get from serious suppliers a full file for free download, this is not practicable and a violation of copyright licensing too. Licensing requires controlled download and pay for use, you will encounter variations in delivery. However you will have to pay for those recordings like for any other music you buy. [...]
This text is copyrighted by Wolfgang W. Scherer, from the MIDI-LOOPs site. This text is used with permission of the creator.
tl;dr You can download them, but it's illegal. If we'd help you, we're doing some infringing stuff aswell but we're considering those rules as some of us also make MIDI's and won't like if you disobey the rules the creator made for use of the MIDI. It's stealing. If you need more info you can search it.

Edit I found a site (midisongs.nl) where at the bottom it says: Let op: gebruik van de MIDI files zijn voor eigen risico. That means the author of the site is a bit inaware of the consequences. Linking to copyright-infringing material is illegal even though downloading isn't.

Take a look at the link here. I think you are Dutch so you can read it (just like me), as you were suggesting Dutch songs. It says
www.anty-piracy.nl wrote:Het openbaarmaken (aanbieden) van auteursrechtelijk beschermde muziek, films, games en boeken is voorbehouden aan de rechthebbenden.
Here I translated the full text to English for all other people:
The disclosure (provision) of copyrighted music, movies, games and books is reserved to the copyright holders. You may not make a digital copy of those works to the Internet or Usenet upload. It is not permitted, eg via uitwisseldiensten copyrighted music, movies, games and books to offer. If you download a file from a P2P network, you must ensure that a legal file. When it comes to recent music, movies, games or books in the store or you can purchase online or only in the cinema you can assume that a free downloadable copy on a P2P network is illegal. If you install a P2P program, offers you the files you have downloaded almost always automatically again. That is an illegal act. Also offering links to unauthorized files that are stored elsewhere, such as Usenet or cyber locker (also called file hoster), is illegal.

Without any commercial intent for private use the downloading of illegal supply of music, film and books in the Netherlands by the legislature allowed. Note for software and games is NOT allowed. BREIN considers allowing such downloading illegal content in violation of international law which provides that as an exception to the normal exploitation of copyright and must not harm the interests of right holders should not unreasonably harm. There is currently a lawsuit over the private copying regime introduced by the judgment of the Supreme Council is asked to determine whether it is legitimate that downloading illegal supply in the Netherlands is permitted. The Court of appeal ruled so, the Court initially not. (Translated with Google Translator)
To cut a very long story short: Don't download MIDI files that are copyrighted or made of a copyrighted song as that is considered stealing. Even though that isn't that illegal, linking or uploading copyright-infringing material is. So for you it isn't such a big deal to download it, but if I start linking to that material, I'm in more trouble than you.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, I think jimhenry here at the forum knows more about this stuff.
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