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Posted: 09-26-17 3:32 pm
by Nicholas
Viscerous wrote:Both latency and output consistency have improved by moving the Bluetooth dongle from my front panel USB to the main I/O in the back of my PC...
Hrm, that's actually a little scary. On the tablet platforms I haven't seen any fuzziness like that (even using the keyboards near the maximum range of 30m or so from the tablet), although I suppose in those cases the Bluetooth radio is at most a few inches away from the rest of the supporting electronics.

I don't suppose you've ever had any other trouble with devices connected to your front USB header? It would be nice to call this a one-off system thing. :lol:

In any event, it's good to hear that you've got things mostly up and running now. Now we just need to get Android BLE MIDI support up and running and you'll be all set!

Posted: 09-27-17 11:32 am
by Viscerous
I think Bluetooth might just be a bit messy on Windows. I tried both locations again and they're about the same now. When experimenting with a (game) controller for example there was an instance where it was always above 15ms latency, then a reboot solved it. So that's pretty unreliable.

The Bluetooth connection will probably be good enough for what I wanted to do (use with Synthesia) but I don't think I'll be able to use it as a MIDI device as any transfer between devices through Bluetooth just seems too inconsistent for real live recording purposes. I fed it to Reaper for example but any playing kind of comes out drunk. Incidentally, Reaper outputting some MIDI to my keyboard also has missing notes, so it should be on my side somewhere.

Edit: Missing data on MIDI Out seems to be a Windows problem after reading similar reports.

Posted: 01-14-18 12:51 pm
by draco2023a
Still no update on multiple lines of notation?

Posted: 01-15-18 5:34 pm
by Nicholas
That's the feature being added for the next Synthesia 11 development preview. Still no release date estimate.

Posted: 01-15-18 10:27 pm
by draco2023a
Okay :cry:

Posted: 03-14-18 7:30 pm
by jgaver08
Is this version still available for download?

Posted: 03-14-18 7:41 pm
by Nicholas
The links at the top of the page (in the pink box) always have the newest development build.

For this development cycle where we're working on features for 10.5 and 11 simultaneously, it's a little confusing (because "10.5" is a smaller number than "11"), but the r4442 build that you get right now has everything (and more) than the r4264 build that this topic covered.

So, the short answer is "no, but the latest build has all of this and even more... even though it says 10.5". :D

Posted: 03-16-18 10:49 am
by jgaver08
Okay thanks for the info. Strange naming convention haha but I guess it works.

Posted: 03-16-18 2:57 pm
by Nicholas
Yeah, sorry for the confusion. This is the first time in the project's history where that situation has happened. 11's development has been ongoing, but 10.5 jumped in because we had to make some critical fixes (and to add/fix support for a couple recent MIDI devices while we're at it).

Posted: 03-23-18 12:02 am
by Angelos58

Posted: 03-23-18 12:48 am
by Nicholas
Apple's handling of beta app versions on the App Store makes things a little trickier. So, we generally only make final releases for iOS. (Sorry!)

Posted: 05-26-18 12:22 pm
by albertthemoggie
When will you be enabling the import of Music XML files?

Posted: 05-26-18 2:57 pm
by Nicholas
Across the next two previews following the portrait mode preview.