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Post by Plynx » 09-19-16 7:40 am

I would really like to be able to see sheet music in free play mode. If it could record a sequence and put the identified chords next to each chord on the staff, so much the better!

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Post by Nicholas » 09-19-16 4:27 pm

A sheet view of the currently-held notes is something we're going to add in Synthesia 11.

As for transcribing live playing on the fly, there are lots of free MIDI editors (like MuseScore) that try to do that today. It's also a hard problem, so we don't have any plans to add it.

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Post by Plynx » 09-19-16 11:09 pm

Great! Even just seeing the currently held notes would be really useful! (I wasn't talking about live transcribing, though, just a history of sorts for identified chords, with no regard to duration. For example, you could use it for practicing progressions.)

Thanks for the fast reply!