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Post by Nicholas » 05-14-16 3:48 pm

SYNTHESIA 10.3.4016
Download from the pink box above.

Reminder: Synthesia 10.3 no longer supports Windows XP, Mac OS 10.6, DirectX, or OpenGL 1.x.

  • New Features
  • Added Slovenian user-interface language support.
  • Added new "Clap" style to Free Play.
  • Added "Gameplay.SongPausedHideSeconds" advanced setting. Crank this to 10000 to make the "Song Paused" label go away forever when you click it.
  • Added "System.TouchscreenMode" for Windows users with touchscreens. This makes Synthesia's virtual piano behave the same as it does in the tablet version.
  • Added a message in place of melody/rhythm/recital buttons if there aren't any enabled music inputs.
  • Free Play now shows virtual piano bounds and allows octave shifting (Z and X by default).
  • Key/note label settings are now stored separately between Play and Free Play.
  • The previous folder is now remembered between adding new folders in SettingsSongs.
  • The Play screen now allow all six types of MIDI pedal to be passed through to output (instead of just sustain pedal).

  • Updated "La" icon graphic to match new note labels.
  • Updated song delete icon to a more familiar-looking trash can.
  • Fixed key lights being shown for hidden parts.
  • Fixed frame stutter when increasing your note combo in rhythm mode.
  • Fixed frame stutter when playing a different chord in Free Play.
  • Fixed rare mouse input offset in Windows.
  • Fixed reversed hands in Row, Row, Row your Boat.
  • Fixed UI flicker when hitting maximum note draw limit (2600 notes on-screen simultaneously).
  • Fixed iOS bug that would lose newly changed play settings (loops, bookmarks, finger hints) if the app was closed during Play.
  • Fixed Russian solfege note names.
I tried to find the "Melody practice doesn't wait if input range is unknown" bug, but I wasn't able to reproduce it. Let me know if anyone bumps into it again.

Otherwise, this preview (and a 5th, small Android bug-fix release coming soon) cleans the slate pretty nicely to get started on improving the sheet music! Woo!

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Post by draco2023a » 06-08-16 8:37 am

Thanks Nicholas,
The touchscreen feature is great

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Post by kiwi » 06-11-16 8:23 am

The only different with the La icon graphic is the dot removed under the "LA" word or i misunderstood what have really changed?

Edit: ok i think i understood dot removed because note labels haven't dot on them anymore?

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Post by Nicholas » 06-11-16 11:28 am


It was a very small change. :D

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Post by Gregory » 06-12-16 3:42 am

Hi Nicholas

Where can I enable the "TouchscreenMode"?
Currently I have issues with this version on my 10" Windows10 tablet, no physical keyboard connected. It has issues to detect a note keypress, the note is played for just some ms. Playing 2 notes simultaneously is impossible.


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Post by Nicholas » 06-12-16 6:59 am

On your tablet, are you using the on-screen (typing) keyboard provided by Windows? Or are you actually just touching the keyboard keys on the screen? The former might only last for a short while, but touching Synthesia's keyboard directly should make the notes last as long as your finger is down.

To enable the new setting, hold your Shift key while launching Synthesia (which might be a little tricky with an onscreen keyboard, sorry). Then, just find "System.TouchscreenMode" in the advanced settings list and add a check to the box for it.

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Post by Gregory » 06-13-16 1:57 pm

To start Synthesia with Shift down: Open the on-screen keyboard, press Shift and then double-click the Desktop shortcut. This is easy.
Now with Touchscreenmode enabled all Synthesis keyboard notes are displayed and can be used.

I use the on-screen notes keyboard provided by Synthesia. Not the Windows on-screen keyboard.
Anyhow playing notes is not really possible. When I hold my finger down and swipe from one note to the next one the notes (except if the 1st one) are played fine as long as I'm on a note with my finger. Probably no real use case to play like this without releasing the finger.

Hitting (and holding) a note results in very short keypress and sometimes the sound gets played. So playing or practicing is impossible with this version for me.
Also playing 2 notes simultaneously is not possible.
With 10.2.3742 playing notes works fine.

PS: I could try a previous 10.3.beta build if I'm the only one to have this problem. This was the 1st beta version I unzipped/installed.

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Post by Nicholas » 06-20-16 2:03 pm

I've got a Surface Pro around here someplace. I'll give this dev preview a try on the touchscreen to see if I can't reproduce the problem.

EDIT: Yep, I definitely see what you're talking about. We'll get that fixed in the next preview.

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Post by Nicholas » 06-24-16 6:05 pm

SYNTHESIA 10.3.4031
Download from the pink box above.

Reminder: Synthesia 10.3 no longer supports Windows XP, macOS 10.6, DirectX, or OpenGL 1.x.
  • Windows touch input on (integrated) touchscreens now works correctly again.
  • Fixed crash when changing part colors.
  • The Caps Lock key now works on macOS (for the first time ever)!
  • Updated a few deprecated system calls in the Mac/iPad code.
  • Updated remaining web service calls to newer infrastructure.
The touchscreen fix seemed important enough to push a new build. What good is the new "System.TouchscreenMode" setting if touch was misbehaving?! :)

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Post by kiwi » 07-15-16 12:32 am

What the capslock key do on Synthesia?

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Post by Nicholas » 07-15-16 10:44 am

It lets you type using capital letters without holding your shift key. :lol:

(The way the engine is written, input is captured at a very low level. Usually the system handles caps lock for a program, but when a developer needs to watch for individual keypresses with Ctrl, Cmd, Option, etc., you need to ask for the raw input from the system. For 8 years now, I'd never tried turning on caps lock in the Mac version. It didn't do anything. Now it works the way you'd expect.)

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Post by kiwi » 07-22-16 3:28 pm

Thank you for the info Nicholas :)

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Post by PHIDIAS » 07-31-16 8:36 am

1 seconds ago
bcf7c906087d4ee6bcc634b876d14dee.png (830.1 KiB) Viewed 19254 times
And now
2c245787f5234bb8b37d59e15c9bcb12.png (738.31 KiB) Viewed 19254 times
What happen to that Bb?

And then when I try to fast forward by clicking another measure in that green bar,
3d6a39a0d14b4d5ab4f7c52d2dada34b.png (1.36 MiB) Viewed 19254 times
Some notes can't load
c1f83752337045e6bffb4214fffd9d40.png (897.2 KiB) Viewed 19254 times
After those notes gone, then next measures are now available...lol
2ac2fa101b98467dab4b17f2fb137d04.png (631.29 KiB) Viewed 19254 times

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Post by Nicholas » 07-31-16 11:03 am

Preview r4016 change log wrote:
  • Fixed UI flicker when hitting maximum note draw limit (2600 notes on-screen simultaneously).
Synthesia is a practice tool designed for "normal" songs. For the kind of song you're trying to run through it, the video creator is a better answer. It has a much, much larger note drawing limit.

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Post by draco2023a » 08-01-16 9:07 pm

Hi Nicholas,
I belong to 10 different piano and music related forums and have been spreading the word about Synthesia's upcoming XML features. Seems a lot of people are looking for something with this capability. (currently I have around 1500 views) I don't want to be a pest, and I know how much work is involved, but I was just wondering when we might expect to see the first release?

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Post by Nicholas » 08-01-16 11:09 pm

Well, the roadmap post describes the order that things will be developed. The first preview that can handle MusicXML is about three previews away.

We're making pretty good progress on the first of those previews. I don't have a time estimate though. I learned years ago that whenever I give one, it's always wrong. So it's better for everyone if I just say "when it's ready".

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Post by draco2023a » 08-02-16 8:50 am

Actually the improved notation with multiple lines is going to be the biggest plus and what most of the people are looking for.....It's easy enough to export an XML file to midi. Glad to see those two features are next in line :)

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Post by revilo2 » 08-11-16 5:07 am

Sorry to insist, but :

Fingering on sheet music is sheduled with the Multiple Lines of Notation ? (as you said it on the roadmap)

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Post by Nicholas » 08-11-16 9:11 am

With any luck, yes. :D

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Post by AntungChen » 08-14-16 9:01 am

Great works