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Nicholas wrote:
kamborambo wrote:Is it still not possible for desktop users to get the mobile counterparts for free ? Is this a restriction by Apple?
Yes. Check Apple's "App Store Review Guidelines" document and look at section 11.1, 11.2, and 11.13.

I wish I could have a single Learning Pack key work everywhere, but those rules don't let me. :(
In my personal opinion, I feel as though that this program is so useful that I wouldn't have a second thought on buying it again. The desktop version has suited me well and just because I buy the iPad version doesn't mean that I lose the capabilities on the desktop one.

Also, when it comes to pricing, I would not suggest bogging the user down through multiple unlocks or subscriptions. People want an app that is simple and if they buy the learning pack that means that it should go for all.
Granted, this also means a possible loss on the PC version... Yet, there is a possibility of this actually boosting the sales of the desktop version for people will see the app on someone's iPad and look it up. Then they would find this for their computer.